This website is designed to bring you information on the Fifth Age series of books. This series will consist of ten books in all. Each book written will have a different genre to it. They are in order-- Fantasy, Adventure, Historical/Warfare, Horror, Romance, Epic, Fairy Tale, Sci Fi, Conclusive/Mystery. The books center around the chosen family of the Fifth Age through many generations of the past, present and the future. The fate of the world in the fifth and last age will be determined by the family and humanity with the help of the mythical Stone of Power. You have just got a taste of what the Fifth Age is. Travel some more around this website to learn more about Fifth Age, buy the books and live the Fifth Age. An epic story awaits you.

What you will find on this website:

About the Author:  This section gives you insight about the author of the Fifth Age series.

What is the Fifth Age?: This section gives you a historical background of the legend of the fifth age plus the legend presented in the book.

The Books: This gives information about each of the ten books when available and how to buy the books.

Recent News:  Gives the latest news and information on the books and release dates.

Contact: Gives contact information for the author.