According to Aztec legend the Fifth Age will be the last age the Earth will have before it is destroyed. The moon god would devour the sun god and the sun would not rise again. They believed we are living in the Fifth Age now.

According to the journal of the chosen family of the Fifth Age, the legend is more detailed. According to ancient scrolls, a goddess named Kryptos (of the Trithium Realm) used to walk Earth. She loved the planet and the people who lived on it. Other gods were not pleased with Earth and thought it to be useless to the point of destruction. This movement was headed by a powerful god named Daemous. Kryptos pleaded with Daemous and the other gods to not destroy the Earth. Daemous was angry as he did not believe the human race was worthy of living in the universe and claimed the planet did not produce vital resources as other planets did. Kryptos then made a wager with Daemous. She wagered that humans do have a worth in the universe and that if it is proven they don't then Daemous may destroy the planet and have the Trithium Realm but if Kryptos wins the Earth will be spared and Daemous must give up his realm.

Daemous has always been up to a challenge and accepted the bet. He told Kryptos he would allow five chances for the humans to prove their worth. After the fifth chance, he would destroy the planet permanently. The Fifth Age of the planet would be the last chance it had to survive. Kryptos and Daemous would be allowed one thing to put on Earth to assist with their cause. Daemous' thing is unknown. Kryptos gaves the humans the Stone of Power. A powerful stone that could save human kind. Each age it is given to a chosen family who over generations must figure out the power the stone has and use it before it is too late to save human kind.

The Aztec gave the moon and sun god different names. They are however Daemous and Kryptos. The moon god Daemous is always chasing the sun god Kryptos and now that we are in the Fifth Age, Daemous may catch and devour Kryptos. Will the chosen family complete their destiny and save Earth from destruction in the Fifth Age? To find out, buy and read the books.